Jetset Kitchens 

At Jetset kitchens we cater and design for all lifestyles. From the granny flat kitchenette to the designer show home, we can provide a kitchen that will complement and add value to any home without breaking the bank. Lifestyle at a down to earth price, that’s what Jetset Kitchens is all about.

Keeping prices low doesn’t mean we compromise quality or design.

Let us help you design a kitchen that not only works well and fits your needs but also looks great. We can supply a wide variety of benchtop materials, cabinet colours, finishes and handle styles. We use computer aided design software to bring your design ideas to life and let you see just how your new kitchen will look and function.

Highest Quality Materials & Free Quotes

Our cabinetry is New Zealand made from high quality 16mm Melamine Medium Density Board (MDF) with 2mm PVC edging guaranteed to last in this high use part of the house. The cabinets have solid 16mm backs for rigidity, easy fixing and support for electrical and plumbing fittings. The standard drawers are metal sided with solid 16mm drawer pans. All so you can enjoy your Jetset Kitchen for many years to come.

So if you know exactly what you would like, or if you’re in need of a few ideas, give us a call, we can help.

measuring-tapeWe offer a FREE no obligation measure, design and quote service to the greater Auckland area.

Please take advantage of this. If you’ve been thinking you would like a new kitchen but don’t know where to start or what it might cost, give us a call.

We will make a time to come and see you at home, where we will accurately measure your kitchen area, take into account your kitchen wish list, advise you on possible design options, choices in materials, finishes and colour combinations. We can then provide you with a concept design and price.

This gives you an informed starting point.

If you then wish to continue the process and develop the concept to a final design and fixed price, we will be happy to help.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and join the growing number of Jet-setters out there.

Manufacturing Time

Our normal manufacturing time for kitchens is 3 working weeks from confirmation of the order and payment of the deposit. This may vary depending on any special requirements but we will advise you of this at the time of confirmation.

Terms of Payment

Supply and Install of Kitchen by Jetset Kitchens – 50% Deposit upon placement of order, a further 40% payable once manufacture is complete and prior to delivery. The final 10% is payable once installation is complete.

Supply of kitchen only – 50% deposit upon placement of order, the remaining 50% payable once manufacture is complete and prior to delivery.


Jetset Kitchens Ltd provides:

  • A ten year warranty covering materials and workmanship on all cabinetry.
  • A lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on hinges and drawer systems
  • A five year manufacturer’s warranty covering materials and workmanship on laminate benchtops
  • A ten year manufacturer’s warranty on engineered stone benchtops
  • Normal use conditions apply to all warranties (see full warranty terms and conditions for details)

If you looking for a quality designed kitchen and top workmanship…

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