Melamine or low pressure laminate is the most popular material for New Zealand kitchens. It is very similar to the high pressure laminate used on bench tops but is thinner and less expensive.

Melamine laminate is pressed onto MDF or particle board to produce a pre-finished panel with a tough scratch and stain resistant surface. MDF melamine board is considered the better product being dynamically stronger and less likely to chip when cut. The cut edge is finished by clashing (edge banding) with a 2mm PVC edging matching the colour and pattern of the board.

Melamine is popular as it is the least expensive of the cabinetry finishes is durable and comes in a large range of colours, prints and finishes.

Thermoform Doors & Panels

Thermoforming is a process where sheet vinyl foil is shrink-wrapped and glued onto the surface of an MDF panel. The process allows the use of a range of door face profiles, it also allows a seamless wrapped front edge to doors and drawer fronts. The flexibility of the vinyl makes it harder wearing and more resistant to bumps and scrapes than paint finishes.

Finishes include highly textured, satin and gloss, and a wide range of colours, some matching melamine colours allowing thermoform doors to be matched to melamine panels if desired.

Laminate Benchtops

High pressure laminate is what most people refer to as ‘Formica’ it is manufactured by saturating layers of paper with melamine resin, then pressing them under heat and high pressure to form a single sheet of laminate.

Laminate benchtops themselves are manufactured by pressing the laminate sheet onto a substrate (usually particle board) between 30mm and 70mm thick. Leading edges can be formed to a top and bottom radius of between 6mm and 15mm or square clashed.

There are differing levels of quality when it comes to laminates. Usually thicker is better, however the thicker laminates will not form around a radius tighter than 9mm whereas thin laminates will. Also premium laminates such as textures, metallics, and high gloss are more expensive than standard range laminates.

Roughly 80% of all benchtops supplied in New Zealand are laminate. Their popularity stems from the huge range of colours and finishes available and the fact that they are good looking, hard wearing, long-lasting, easy to clean and inexpensive compared to other benchtop options. 

Granite Benchtops

Granite is natural stone, quarried in various countries overseas and imported to New Zealand as slabs. It is cut to size, polished and sealed before being fitted to the cabinetry. Granite is porous and needs to be re sealed every few years, however it is hard-wearing and looks beautiful.

Granite tops are about 3 to 4 times more expensive than laminate. They also need to be templated once the kitchen cabinetry has been installed so there is an approximate delay of 10 working days between cabinet install and the benchtop being fitted.

Engineered Stone Benchtops 

Engineered stone is a man-made product made up of resin and stone chip formed under extremely high pressure. The advantages are a consistent density throughout the slab and a virtually impervious surface which does not need sealing. Engineered stone is available in 20 and 30mm thick slabs which can be mitred to form a thicker leading edge and has a stunning colour range to choose from. It is one of the most easy care benchtop materials available, however, as with granite, engineered stone benchtops need to be templated prior to fabrication and install.

Acrylic Benchtops 

Acrylic is a synthetic resin based product which is non-porous and has excellent hygiene properties, its greatest advantage over other materials is that it can be invisibly joined or repaired. A fantastic colour range to choose from but as with stone, acrylic benchtops also need to be templated before fabrication.


Normally when we design and price a kitchen we include a sink. We can supply all styles shapes, sizes and price ranges. From top mount to under mount, with or without drainers, square or rounded, single or multiple bowl we can supply and fit them. Just let us know what your requirements are.


As with sinks we can supply and fit handles in all styles, shapes, sizes and finishes. Or if required handle free solutions


We offer a range of accessories to give your new kitchen greater functionality and ease of operation. Here are a few for you to consider:

  • Pull out bin units
  • Pull out spice/bottle rack
  • Pull out pantry units
  • Corner unit revolving baskets
  • Nuvola corner pull out (Blind corner)
  • Aluminium framed glazed doors
  • Soft close doors and drawer systems